Maximilian Stürzl
Game Programmer and Designer

Game Jam Projects

I participated in multiple Game Jams including GGJ14, GGJ16-GGJ20 and a Microsoft Game Jam held at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.
During the Jams I worked in multiple departments, including programming and 3D modelling.

Pixel Platypus

A web toy/tamagotchi-like that works in the browser and comes with no images whatsoever.
Here are the game and the GitHub links.

Game Loop

My master thesis project is a visual scritping tool for Unity that can be used by game designers to create card game logic out of modules, while the programmers create new modules for the designers to use.
The project can be found on GitHub.


My bachelor thesis project is a C#-DLL that can be used to create textures for planets by using data like sun distance and diameter of the planet.
The project itself was done with the consideration of reality in mind but because of the time pressure, it does not contain all features that were needed.

Slartibartfast the planet designer


Lettergard was a Twitter-Clone created for a webdevelopment-course in university. It utilizes php to create a REST-api which is used to load websites.
It was my first real project with php, MySQL and jQuery.
The source can still be found on GitHub, although I don't know if this is the final version.

Game Engines

I am obsessed with game engines and during the course of my study at the university I created multiple of them with little functionality.
At least two of them are available on GitHub
  • Game Engine: My first attempt at a game engine. Written in C# utilizing XNA for rendering. This was way before I knew about batching and multithreaded rendering.
  • PNCEngine: My second attempt at a game engine. Written in C# and SFML.Net. It is multiplatform due to Mono and the SFML-binding.

Other tools and fun projects

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