Maximilian Stürzl
Game Programmer and Designer


I'm a professional game developer since 2017 but have been programming and learning how to make games since high school! Also, I love platypuses.

I have a master's degree in applied computer science which I got at the SRH University Heidelberg in 2018. Before that, I graduated as a game developer at the same location with a B.Sc.
During my internship, I worked at Upjers GmbH in Bamberg where I created some nice puzzle games and wrote a lot of tools to speed up the development.

In 2017, I co-founded my own little game company GearEight Games with a friend in the beautiful city of Schwetzingen and released my first own mobile game DRAG. We decided to close the studio in 2022.

Since 2019, I worked as a programmer at Sixteen Tons Entertainment on the newest installment of EMERGENCY in Unreal Engine 5.

Despite my heavy emphasis on programming, my heart really lies in level design. The first level editor which I ever used was the one that came with ANNO 1602 where I could create my own missions. Later, I worked with other embedded level editors until I finally fell in love with the Hammer Editor to make levels for Portal and Half-Life 2.

Aside from using level editors, I also learned programming in my childhood and later in school. Due to the focus on creating games, I decided to study game development to become a professional developer.

If you want, you can chat with me about job opportunities, my past projects, games in general, platypuses or whatever else!

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